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Mailing Services

Several amazing qualities set DM Mailing apart from other local and national mail houses. If you are looking for excellence with speed, DM Mailing is the right place for you!

With over thirteen years of consistently serving clients beyond expectations, DM is positioned to be your most inexpensive solution, while rapidly turning around your mailer and getting it to your clients fast!

What makes DM Mailing special is our attention to detail and appreciation for your desired end goal. The staff at DM becomes your partner in business, as you seek to communicate both efficiently and precisely to your targeted audience. DM Mailing understands your aspirations and your constraints.

Direct Mail is still one of the most cost-effective ways to reach those you most desire to connect with. Click on the links to the left to find all of your options and opportunities to convert your investment into a significant return.

For reliable experience with precision demographics, DM Mailing is the right choice for you!


DM Mailing provides your business with very customized and personalized approach to reaching your target market!

The Resident Mailing List can be allocated to target any or all of these variables:

Households with Children
Age of Children
Verified Homeowners
Home Value
Year Home Built
Length of Residency
and More!

The Business Mailing List has significant flexibility as well:

Geographic Area
Employee Size
Sales Volume
Year Established
Headquarters/Branch Indicator
Minority Owned and More!


Business owners repeatedly utilize DM Mailing because of the remarkable accuracy and precision in reaching your audience.


We provide a truly unique customer experience. It’s more than just becoming a raving fan of DM. Individuals and businesses actually become our partners, which commits us to your success!

Alongside our incredible service is our ridiculously low cost per piece to make your vision realized. With pricing lower than government rates, you know this is a deal! From rush deliveries to bulk rates, DM Mailing will find the best price point for what you are trying to achieve. We get your piece to your customers faster than anyone else at the best price. Period!

Reliability goes a long way in this business. One snafu or bottleneck can cause delays. Unforeseen challenges have a way of showing up at the last minute. DM understands this and works diligently to subvert and overcome every obstacle that may arise prior to your piece being mailed. Once at our Headquarters, DM Mailing executes with pace and precision. You can count on us.

A variety of services are another premium DM offers. Here are a few to give you an idea: Inkjet addressing, labeling, per piece personalization, wafer tabbing, folding, inserting, and bar coding.

Providing smart solutions to your ultimate objective is what DM Mailing does best. Let us work with you in crafting your entire marketing and mailing plan.

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